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RFP Solution Services -

As soon as you are negotiating with more than 200 hotels, it is worth your while to systematise the tendering process and tap into the know-how of hotel experts where necessary. enables you to do both of these things.

Jochen Rathei, Director DER Corporate Solutions

RFP Solution Services

Would you not prefer to sort out hotel procurement via the click of a button? Do you often find that communicating with a large number of different hotels is a tough task? Perhaps there is a lack of necessary transparency when it comes to dealing with prices and conditions. Or you may simply feel that negotiations are too protracted and that the process costs are too high.

We’ll be honest. Requests for proposals don’t take care of themselves, even via But what our web-based procurement portal does is provide you with all the tools you need to achieve efficiency and success by conducting your hotel buying activities in a largely automated way. You will be able to invite hotels to submit their offers via the click of a button. You will receive identically structured offers which can be compared automatically and thus achieve the best possible conditions. provides you with a detailed summary of prices and numbers of overnight stays over the past two years. This will aid you in your price negotiations by giving access to specific and robust data across the whole of the procurement process.

We know that any online process is ultimately only as good as the people who stand behind it and will not leave you to deal with the intricacies of on your own. We adapt the tool to your specific requirements and arrange for one of our Key Account Managers to provide you with all the support you need throughout the whole of the procurement procedure. We want you to receive the assistance you need when you need it.

If you prefer, you also have the option of delegating your entire hotel procurement process to us. RFP Consulting Solutions offers a consultancy solution that covers the whole of the value-added chain connected to the buying-in of hotel services.


  • Standardised procurement and communication processes to enhance procedures
  • Depending on the type and size of the hotel programme, manual or automatic data collection via FTS (DERTOUR File Transfer Standard), Lanyon or Nexus World Services data transfer
  • Accelerated processes via a shorter procurement phase and more rapid availability of the hotel rates negotiated
  • Cost savings by concentrating on core processes
  • Simultaneous procurement of all hotel programmes to deliver bundled volumes
  • Individually adapted modules for every single customer
  • Effective evaluations and summaries via integrated reporting
  • Connection to the reservations portal

Service for Travel Managers

  • Travel managers can use existing contractual data to create their company’s own hotel portfolio on an individual basis.
  • Access via registered log-in details
  • Contractual data can be viewed as soon as it has been collected by the various partners.
  • Follow-up negotiations between travel managers and hotels/hotel chains can be conducted online.
  • The system documents all the stages of any follow-up negotiations that take place.
  • All the relevant contractual data of the hotels is clearly displayed on a single page.
  • Access rights can be allocated in a differentiated way at country level.
  • Travel managers are able to make direct comparisons between all data before making a hotel selection.
  • Evaluations of such aspects as price differences compared to the previous year can be downloaded immediately.

Service for Hotel Chains

  • Access to data from all hotels at any time via personal log-in – data records can be administered around the clock.
  • Hotel chains can generate users themselves and allocate such users establishments for the processing of hotel and contractual data.
  • Users can update hotel data such as address, fixtures and fittings etc. at any time.
  • Manual rate quoting for various corporate programmes is possible on an annual basis.
  • Hotel chains can send us all data via data transfer (File Transfer Standard/DERTOUR).
  • facilitates direct follow-up negotiations between the corporate travel managers and hotel chains or hotels.
  • Printable confirmation of participation in the hotel programmes can be downloaded online.
  • Download of rate loading information speeds up rate loading processes.

More than 100,000 hotels are already listed in the database. These include 72,000 hotels that are part of a chain or have entered into cooperation agreements.
Please visit to find out more.

RFP Consulting Services

Travel managers are increasingly seeking support and consultancy services for the provision of their corporate hotel programme. We are able to act as an expert partner across all phases of the procurement process.

Jochen Rathei, Director DER Corporate Solutions

Hotel Solutions

RFP Consulting Services

Sometimes you need to look more than twice to see how good a hotel programme is. Were rate negotiations really based on a robust analysis of volume and sales? Do the underlying General Terms and Conditions take the interests of the company into account? Is the portfolio strategy the right one? Or, as so often in life, would less have been more? The fact is that even seasoned buyers sometimes fail to make the most of rate negotiations because they lack overall market and branch knowledge.

As a customer of DER Corporate Solutions, you will enjoy the advantage of not having to think about such matters. Our RFP Consulting Service will provide you with the necessary detailed knowledge to achieve the very best outcome. We can offer assistance with every phase of the procurement process should you so wish. Get help with identifying optimum conditions on the basis of actual hotel costs. Learn to use any discounts that are offered in an effective manner. Draw up a scorecard for the country-specific evaluation of your buying activities.

If you like, we can even go one step further. We will take over the whole of the procurement process and identify potential areas for improvement along the whole of the value-added chain. Our Analysis, Strategy, Sourcing and Auditing products enable us to transform this potential into tangible cost benefits.

We analyse trends, volumes and agreements. We define rate caps, hotel portfolios and contractual areas. We also select suitable hotel partners and begin the sourcing process. Once the tendering process and negotiations have been concluded, we will evaluate the RFP criteria and make sure your hotel programme is ready in good time. We will then check whether the rates negotiated are actually available in all relevant booking channels.


  • We analyse overnight stay volumes with differentiation according to countries, cities or hotels.
  • We use credit card data, expense reports or booking statistics to determine actual hotel costs.
  • We carry out a gap analysis in order to check the extent to which the underlying assumptions and target values are in line with predicted developments and identify volume hotels.
  • We support you in the development or adaptation of rate caps in line with the market.
  • We scrutinise the General Terms and Conditions agreed.
  • We analyse your hotel programme and use the latest market data to implement a benchmark.


  • We use rate caps as a negotiating guideline and for the management of bookings within the respective booking channels.
  • We develop a procurement strategy and stipulate and implement agreed cost-saving objectives in accordance with defined criteria.
  • We develop an appropriate portfolio strategy, identify relevant hotel portfolios or adapt existing portfolios, and identify requirements as appropriate by reducing, swapping or altering star categories.


  • We use various reports and key indicators to evaluate hotel buying and:
        - check whether all contractual hotels are operating within the stipulated rate cap;
        - monitor whether the procurement process is on schedule;
        - assess the procurement on the basis of rates development weighted by overnight stays;
        - draw up scorecards for the country-specific evaluation of buying activities.
  • We conduct rate negotiations on behalf of the customer and offer flexible sourcing support.
  • Clients are afforded flexibility in terms of deciding the extent to which they wish to hand over the negotiating process. They may choose to delegate RFP management in full or may equally opt to pass on responsibility for individual phases only, such as preparation and RFP follow-up.


  • We provide a summary of bookability in the GDS (Amadeus, Sabre, Galileo, Pegasus).
  • We ensure the simplification of the rate loading process by adding Global Viewership.
  • We use our rate loading tests to check whether the rates negotiated are actually available in all relevant booking channels.
Online Booking Services -

With more than 100,000 accommodation options to choose from, enables both business and private travellers to find the right hotel in over 180 countries every single time.

Jochen Rathei, Director DER Corporate Solutions

online booking services

The online booking services available on are straightforward, reliable and geographically precise. This enables travellers to find a hotel that perfectly suits their needs. In the hotel search, the booking platform considers criteria such as distances to trade fairs, airports, railway stations or selected sights as well as taking company locations and other individual waypoints into account. It goes without saying, of course, that you will always be shown only the most favourable rates for the hotels and room categories that are actually available and that, as a corporate customer, the agreed net rates will also be displayed to you. permits you to find the hotel of your choice in four clicks of the mouse and, if necessary, to access information on climate, entry requirements and dates of holiday and trade fairs. You pay for the services you have booked either at the hotel directly or in advance by credit card. You can also be sure that your reservation will be processed by a reliable and highly reputable partner. is a product of the established DER Touristik Group, meaning that someone will always be available to assist you with any queries, requests and ideas you may have.

For Companies

  • For our corporate customers, individually negotiated company net rates are compared against our most favourable market rate.
  • Companies without individually negotiated company net rates have the opportunity the integrate fully within the company’s own intranet.
  • As well as using our hotel portal, you can further enhance your travel management by processing the whole of your hotel procurement via our platform.
  • We offer corporate customers the possibility of integrating into online booking tools such as  Cytric, Onesto or Rearden.

For Travel Agencies

  • The extensive hotel portfolio enables you to address the wishes of your customers in a more flexible way.
  • A choice of more than 100,00 hotels worldwide across all categories means that you are bound to find the right hotel.
  • Simple processing of your booking via a partner link, which we will set up for you.
  • You can also integrate this link on your own website.
  • You will not incur any participation fees or other costs.
  • You will receive a fixed commission rate of 5% for each booking actually realised – no sliding scale and no minimum sale.
  • sales count towards DERTOUR overall sales and are included in the sliding scale calculation of the additional commission.
  • Payment of commission via is guaranteed for all bookings transacted (except for cancellations and no-show’s). You will receive the commission from us even if we do not receive this from the hotel. We assume the risk for you.
  • In order to ensure greater clarity, you will receive a monthly commission statement and a detailed summary of the bookings transacted via
  • Your customers on are self-payers (no voucher system), meaning that your agency is not involved in the billing process.
  • Register online using our registration form at

For Hotels

  • Your listing on our hotel booking portal means that you benefit from an effective additional distribution channel.
  • You will also have automatic access to all member companies of and to more than 4,000 travel agencies registered with the site.
  • Participation does not require any investment or technical installation on your part.
  • We do not charge any enrolment fees or ongoing fees for use of the service. All that you are required to pay is an agency commission of 12% of the final price.
  • Participation in is possible all year round.
  • Transmission of booking takes place in a simple manner by fax/e-mail or via the Pegasus reservation system.
  • Hotels without a Pegasus connection can manage their availabilities, allocations, rates, images and hotel descriptions online and round the clock via the DERhotel administration systems.
  • As a service provider that forms part of the DER Touristik group brand, acts as a fair partner for hotels and provides them with the security of a long-term cooperation agreement.
Tradefairs Services

During trade fair periods, hotels are scarce and expensive. TRADEFAIRS enables you to secure your allocations on a long-term basis and achieve attractive conditions.

Jochen Rathei, Director DER Corporate Solutions

Tradefairs Services

Are you seeking a reliable solution to secure hotel room allocations during trade fair periods? A tool that offers you flexible allocation management and straightforward booking processes? A service backed up by a team that can carry out procurement and booking activities on your behalf if necessary?

Then our online portal TRADEFAIRS is precisely what you are looking for. We provide allocations of every size for rapid and easy online booking. Our web tool also processes the procurement of your hotel allocations for trade fairs. Everything happens online and in real time, offering the best rates and attractive conditions.

TRADEFAIRS is, however, much more than just a conventional procurement portal. It also makes the CHAP (Corporate Hotel Allocation Platform) system available to users. This is a powerful but extremely user-friendly tool for the management of room allocations and the processing of bookings.

TRADEFAIRS permits you to buy and manage your hotel allocations in an individual way. Both allocation management and booking systems run online and are perfectly coordinated. All bookings transacted are confirmed in real time, thus delivering maximum security of planning. In order to make booking procedures even easier for your company, it is even possible to integrate the relevant processes into your intranet or Internet presence.

It goes without saying that this also applies if we act on your behalf in buying hotel allocations. Ultimately, we see ourselves as your partner and are delighted to support you in the individual procurement of large room allocations, regardless of whether you are looking for a hotel at the trade fair site itself, in the city or in the surrounding area.


  • You enjoy a wide selection of hotels at a large number of trade fair venues.
  • You receive a transparent presentation of hotel terms and conditions and are able to take advantage of attractive hotel offers.
  • You have access to a full service package. This encompasses the individual procurement of trade fair allocations, the booking service, logistics arrangements for travel to the trade fair venue and even extends to include a professional supporting programme
  • You can make individual or group bookings online at any time of the day or night.
  • You retain security of planning at all times whilst our free web-based CHAP participant management system provides a clear summary of your hotel allocations.
  • More information on TRADEFAIRS is available here.


Mice Solutions

Nice to meet you!

Holistic planning, organisation and participant management for corporate meetings, conferences, seminars, events and incentives.

Event Services

Do you have an idea? Let us implement it for you!

Our team at Event Services can realise events of any type and size anywhere in the world.

Jochen Rathei, Director DER Corporate Solutions

Mice Solutions

Event Services

Are you planning a meeting, a congress, a conference, a gala event or an incentive? Take advantage of the fact that we are able to offer more than 60 years of experience in events management, and let us do the work. We specialise in the design, planning, organisation and implementation of events of any type and size anywhere in the world and are able to support you by providing expert services across all organisational areas. We undertake networked planning, develop innovative events concepts, operate cost-efficiently and reduce the burden in areas that are important to you. We out you and your event centre stage. You take the decisions, we make it happen.

We have the purchasing volume of the whole of the DER Group at our back. This enables us to achieve attractive and individually negotiated conditions for you in many areas. These include cancellation and payment terms, and we are also in a position to cooperate with numerous partners worldwide. We also offer you an opportunity to pre-finance many of the deposit payments that are usually required in the events sector. We then provide flexible billing arrangements involving overall or partial invoicing of you or your participants prior to, during or after the event.

As you can see, many years of expertise and access to a diverse mix of skills make DER Corporate Solutions your ideal partner, including in the events sector, regardless of whether you choose to avail yourself of just part of our services or opt to entrust the whole of the organisation of your event to us.


  • We are specialists in event organisation and corporate events.
  • We are a full-service provider able to offer a complete portfolio within the MICE sector.
  • We are a reliable partner. We provide you with comprehensive advice and support from the receipt of an enquiry to the conclusion of the event itself.
  • We are experts in professional events management and events logistics. We provide the design concept, take care of planning and steer the concept.
  • Our spectrum of services encompasses research, event design, planning, implementation and on-site support.
  • We bring over 60 years of events management experience to the table.
  • We have an international network of specialised partners at our disposal.
  • We are a highly motivated and effective team that works in a transparent and cost-efficient manner.


  • We deliver tangible quality. Nationally. Internationally. For any size of event.
  • We can support you in the planning and execution of any kind of event. Company functions, product presentations, congresses, seminars, conferences, gala events and incentives all form part of our programme of services.
  • Depending on your own particular wishes, we can take responsibility for the whole of the organisation of an event or else reduce the burden on you in certain specific areas.
  • We can advise you on suitable destinations and locations.
  • We draw up events concepts that are individually tailored to your requirements.
  • We can take responsibility for procurement and arrange for the contracting of all the services required.
  • We manage and coordinate all necessary service providers and take responsibility for monitoring the quality, deadlines and costs of all parties involved.
  • We take charge of the handling and production of all printed materials needed.
  • We take care of participant registration and management. We can set up individually adaptable and flexible online participant management systems for you if you so wish.
  • We will support you at the venue to ensure the successful practical implementation of your event concept.


Meeting Services

Do you plan meetings so often that you would like to manage procurement, organisation and invoicing in a more efficient manner? Our Meeting Services provide you with the solution that you need in order to achieve this

Jochen Rathei, Director DER Corporate Solutions

Mice Solutions

Meeting Services

You probably plan meetings on a weekly, monthly or annual basis. Would you like to systematise your procurement procedures and make parallel enquiries to more than one conference hotel? Are you looking for offers that make a meaningful price comparison possible?

Our Meeting Services provide you with the solution that you need in order to achieve this. Our booking portal takes you through the enquiry and reservation process intuitively and in clearly structured steps. Its sophisticated design, however, also ensures that you will only receive offers that meet the stipulations you have defined in your enquiry. The procurement of suitable meeting locations, conference facilities, hotel rooms and conference packages and the booking of the necessary technical equipment are completed in the twinkling of an eye. If you wish, you can also integrate the portal into your intranet or website free of charge, adapt it to your corporate design and designate your preferred partner hotels.

Our partner meetago ( has over 10,000 corporate customers from all branches and of all sizes. Together with its connected partner portals, this makes it one of today‘s leading hotel portals on the German and European events market. More than 3,000 of the most popular conference hotels and event locations are listed in the multilingual database and on its international counterpart This number is increasing all the time.

Are you planning a meeting or a series of events? Click here to start your enquiry.

Do you have an annual booking volume of at least €300,000? Are you planning integration within the company? Click here for further information.

Integrated solutions for contract negotiations

  • The portal enables an indivdual adaption to the client’s corporate design.
  • Users of the purchasing tool are able to insert the conditions and outline data negotiated with the hotels into the booking tool of Meeting.
  • With these integrated solutions, Travel Managers have all instruments, to realize existing potential for optimization very fast.


  • Even enquiries for complex events can be completed within a few minutes.
  • You have access to over 3,000 of the most popular conference hotels and event locations.
  • You can make simultaneous enquiries to up to four hotels of your choice.
  • You will receive the perfect decision-making basis in the form of uniformly structured hotel offers.
  • You gain time, because offers can be perfectly compared.
  • You can rely on expert service and support relating to every aspect of your enquiry.
  • Many years of cooperation, rapid issuing of offers and a high response rate mean that you will enjoy a high degree of acceptance.
Online Services

Do you wish for a system of participant management that practically takes care of itself? Then you simply need to work with MEEVENTO in future!

Jochen Rathei, Director DER Corporate Solutions



Are you searching for a system that combines all processes related to the attendee management of your events and simplifies the processes? Then MEEVENTO could be your solutions.

MEEVENTO is the ideal tool for companies organizing over 1000 events per year and are looking for a holistic solution: from planning, through the entire attendee handling  to reporting and budgeting.

Detailed information about MEEVENTO can be found here.

Travel Solutions

Around the world of Corporate travel

Holistic planning, organisation
and participant management
for congresses, seminars,
conferences and events.

DER Business Travel

DER Business Travel – as a global chain of travel agents, we offer high-quality products and personalised full service support from a single source and under a single roof.

Alexa Haenisch, Head of Support Sales & Account Management DER Business Travel

About Us

Global presence and local expertise

DER Business Travel is the business travel expert of DER Touristik.

The second-largest provider on the German business travel market operates 55 business travel centres throughout Germany, where it helps medium-sized enterprises and large companies to professionally plan and execute their business travel. DER Business Travel offers its customers a wide range of services in the areas of booking business travel, travel cost analysis, optimisation and accounting, as well as reporting. In order to support its international customers, DER Business Travel and American Express Global Business Travel entered into a strategic partnership.DER Business Travel forms part of the sales arm of the DER Touristik Group.


In its capacity as the business travel division of DER Touristik, DER Business Travel is guided by the group’s overall mission. Our vision is to grow together.

We seek to meet the ambitious target we have set ourselves by working in conjunction with the whole of  DER Touristik on the basis of the following five principles:

  • We value diversity.
  • We build our success on individuals.
  • We respect one another.
  • We focus on progress.
  • We think beyond the here and now.

A Worldwide Presence and Customer Proximity

The globalisation of the world economy is increasingly making new demands on company mobility. DER Business Travel is at home on all five continents.

Our customers benefit from our local expertise and presence in all relevant regions and world markets and from an organisational structure which provides the scope for joint development of individual and precisely tailored business travel management solutions. We are constantly working to ensure the sustainable expansion of our network in further markets of the future in order to ensure that national borders do not from any barrier to business.

For more information on our network, please visit

Our Certifications

The quality of our products and services is highly significant in terms of remaining competitive and securing the long-term success of our company. We do not merely wish to satisfy our customers. We are seeking to fire their enthusiasm.

In 1995, the quality management system implemented by DER Business Travel became the first such system operated by a travel agency chain anywhere in Germany to obtain certification from the German Association for the Certification of Management Systems (DQS).

Annual audits carried out by the DQS cover looks at processes across all sales agencies and implants as well as examining procedures in the central divisions based at our Head Office in Frankfurt. They evaluate operations in the fields of management, sales, distribution, development, human resources, marketing and online solutions including our proprietary online booking engine.

Certification takes place in accordance with the DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 Standard. In August 2008, an Environmental Certificate pursuant to the DIN EN ISO 14001:2005 Standard was also issued by the DQS.


Our aim is to offer our customers a professional service and innovative products all over the world. The numerous awards we have received bear testimony to the fact that we strive to our utmost to achieve this aim year for year.

  • World Travel Awards – World’s Leading Travel Management Company 2013, 2012, 2011
  • World Travel Awards – Europe’s Leading Travel Management Company 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2008
  • World Travel Awards – Asia’s Leading Travel Management Company 2013, 2012, 2011, 2007
  • World Travel Awards – Australasia’s Leading Business Travel Agent 2013, 2012, 2011
  • World Travel Awards – North America’s Leading Travel Management Company 2013, 2012, 2011
  • World Travel Awards – Africa's Leading Business Travel Agency 2013, 2012
  • World Travel Awards – Middle East’s Leading Travel Management Company 2013, 2012

Sustainable Commitment

As a major company that very much helps shape the market in the business travel sector, we are particularly aware of the social, cultural, ecological and economic responsibilities we bear for mankind, the environment and the future. We are committed to compliance with statutory requirements and EU Directives. We make an active contribution towards the reduction of environmental pollution and the protection of natural resources and are thus helping to improve the quality of life both today and tomorrow.

We engage in open dialogue with our customers, staff and partners on an ongoing basis in order to identify environmental aspects that can be influenced both directly and indirectly. This is instrumental in delivering a business travel management approach that is both environmentally friendly and socially acceptable and therefore sustainable going forwards. In August 2008, we were issued with an Environmental Certificate in accordance with the DIN EN ISO 14001:2005 Standard by the DQS.

DER Business Travel sees social responsibility as an integral part of our business activities, not as a trend. Our Business Travel Centres commit to sustainable projects in their regions as well as undertaking centralised campaigns to support various organisations and are a shining example in this regard.

Child Protection Code

DER Business Travel was the first travel management company in Germany to sign up to the Code of Conduct for the Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation in Travel and Tourism. Within the scope of our sustainable management systems, we disseminate and monitor the contents of the Child Protection Code and raise awareness of this issue amongst our staff and customers.

For more information, please visit

Further Information on DER Business Travel

For further information, please visit our website at

Travel Solutions - Unsere Leistungen

DER Business Travel – as a global chain of travel agents, we offer high-quality products and personalised full service support from a single source and under a single roof.

Alexa Haenisch, Head of Support Sales & Account Management Der Business Travel

Travel Solutions

Our Services
DER Business Travel account management

Everything from a single source, everything under the same roof. Our account managers tailor their services to your individual needs. We ensure that you always have the same contact partner and provide you with active support in your daily work and comprehensive advisory services. All this and much more besides.

Best Buy

The best available tariff – our reservation systems and online booking engines offer simultaneous access to various databases and thus facilitate the highest possible degree of flexibility in terms of presenting price and availability.

DER Business Travel Reporting

Our reports provide regular information on the current status of your travel volume and make it easier to plan your business travel in the most cost-effective manner.

DER Business Travel Online Solutions

We are continually investing in the development of our technologies in order to offer you a wealth of online solutions to meet your individual requirements. Our proprietary online booking engines guarantee the bookability of business travel right around the clock.

DER Business Travel Portal

The DER Business Travel Portal keeps you up to date at all times by providing information on changes to travel guidelines, strike warnings and much more besides. You can only react swiftly and achieve the best results if you have the latest information at your disposal.

DER Business Travel Secure

DER Business Travel Secure brings together crisis prevention, crisis monitoring and crisis management within a single product. The Internet-based Traveller Tracking Tool works on a minute-by-minute basis to check critical events worldwide by monitoring a wide range of news agencies and both state and private organisations.

For further information, please visit our website at